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Willow Palm- School Program

Practice Videos

A daily routine designed to develop a skill set that promotes confidence, inner strength, focus, and resilience.
Based on Devi's experience as a school counselor and a martial art instructor she has developed a practice aimed to mitigate the rise in mental issues among children. 
This simple practice can be implemented in a classroom or outdoors. A teacher training class 
is recommended but not necessary


Martial Practice for Mental Health 

A simple yet effective method to strengthen body and mind. 'Willow-Palm' is a metaphor for a way of being. Strong and calm. The Palm represents steady action while being flexible and flowing like a Willow. Resilience means strong and supple, agreeable yet direct.
This daily practice  reduces anxiety and rigidity. It prepares us for dealing with stressful situation by developing a strategy that helps us stay centered through challenging times.
The program directs our attention inward, promoting greater awareness of body and mind. It help kids develop inner strength and self confident so that they are less influenced by social trends or swayed by distractions. 
Humans are designed to move, sitting and slouching all day sends the brain a message that we are in decline, which affects our chemical balance and hormone production. Technology and social media pull us away from the physical world. A few minutes of practice a day keep us vital and connected to our body.

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