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Deviyana Livneh


Devi focuses on the correlation between mental and physical ailments. She started her career as a therapist. Later fascinated by the mind body connection, she started facilitating healing through Somatic Therapy, which releases accumulated stress and trauma held in the body.


Dis-ease is expressed through sensations and symptoms. Healing occurs through reconnecting and understanding these inner cues. This work supports tuning in, bringing body and mind to a state of ease. A process that reveals inner wisdom and brings to light the things that hold us back, it opens a way for change and moving forward.

Devi has been practicing moving meditations for twenty years. Started with Yoga and later found her way to Qigong and Tai Chi. Her teacher, Master Zi, founder of the Dharma Health Institute, encouraged her to teach and pass the art forward. 


Call, text or email Devi to schedule a consultation:

(310) 990-8748

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