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Qigong Practice

Qigong Practice


The modern life style of spending many hours sitting and slouching is detrimental to our spine and joints. 

Stress and worry also contribute to muscle constriction. This tension builds up over time and causes pain. 


Taking a few minutes a day to unwind goes a long way. In order to recharge and flow with ease we must expand the breath, elongated the spine, and calm the mind.


When practicing a moving meditation we are fully present in the moment. Learning to focus the mind and release accumulated tension from the body is the path to physical and mental wellbeing.


Qigong Practice Videos


Twist to Unwind 

A mindset of freedom and ease. Learn to release tension and unwind. Savor the moment, enjoy each move.

Keep the hips stationary while turning only the waist from side to side, allowing the release of tension held around the core.


Silk Reeling

Elongate the spine with mindful, expressive movements. Stay present in the moment by focusing on the task at hand.

Tidal Wave
Flow effortlessly, slow, even, and relaxed movement. Learn how to move without straining the body. Relax the shoulders and allow the hands to float. Breathe deeply and clear the mind, allowing breath to animate the movement.

Stand tall, shoulders and chest relaxed, head suspended with eyes on the horizon.
Movement is guided by slow, gradual weight shifts from one leg to the other.

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